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Exterior Double Doors - Solid Mahogany Wood Double Doors - 6' 0" x 6' 8" 
All of these Exterior Doors are Made of 100% Solid Brazilian Mahogany Wood
from $1778 (plus $325 freight shipping)* 
3 Point Locks, Multipoint Locking Hardware Systems available Back to 6' 8" Master Page click for 8' 0" tall doors


from $1978*
N-525 Iron Classic Glass Wrought Iron Design
(4 door widths

from $1778
N-525 Mystic (multiple sizes)

from $1778
N-525 Shannon (multiple sizes)

from $1778
N-525PP Solid Mahogany Wood Doors (multiple sizes)

Only $2999*
Clear Beveled Glass with Patina Caming

Only $3195*
Custom Clear Beveled Glass with Jewels, Zinc Caming or Patina Caming

N-250 Mystic Glass - Zinc Caming

N-250 Builder Patina Caming

N-250 Clear Beveled Insulated Glass

N-250 Flemish Glass

Only $2378*
N-250 Chateau Glass - Patina Caming

see door application
Only $2378*
N-250 Iron Classic

N-250 Builder Zinc Caming

N-250 Shannon Zinc Caming

N-250 Mystic Glass - Patina Caming

from $1778
8-Lite Flemish (multiple sizes)

from $1778
see door application
8-Lite Beveled (multiple sizes)

N-6 Panel Double Exterior Doors

from $1778

N-10 Panel (multiple sizes)

Mystic Glass with Patina Caming

N-200 Builder Glass Patina Glass

N-200 Builder
Glass Zinc Caming

N-200 Shannon Glass Zinc Caming

model N-101 with Builder Glass - Patina Glass

Only $1778
Doors with Mystic Beveled Insulated Glass with Patina Caming

N-101 Shannon Glass -
Zinc Caming

N-101 Builder Glass - Zinc Caming

N-600 Shannon Zinc Caming

N-600 Mystic Patina Caming

N-600 Builder Zinc Caming

N-300 Shannon Zinc Caming

N-300 Builder Zinc Caming

Solid Mahogany Doors with Raised Moldings on both sides.

See Close-up Pictures of Door Glass
in stock glass designs available for specific door models
525 Iron Classic      Mystic           Shannon       Builder Patina     Builder Zinc       Iron Classic        Chateau             Tiffany            Flemish          Mystic Zinc

ALL Glass Close-up Pictures Click Here

Prices from $1778 Pre-hung** (plus $325 shipping* Lower 48 States only) Good Rates to Canada or outside continental U.S. 1-219-663-2279

Standard Double Door Size: 6' 0" x 6' 8"    
Optional Double Door Sizes:
N-10P  (5' 4") add $300
N-525   (5' 0", 5' 4" & 7' 0") add $300
N-8Lite (3' 0", 5' 0", 5' 4", 6' 0")
Wood Species: 100% Solid Brazilian Mahogany (no veneers)
Door Thickness: 1 3/4"
Jamb size: 4 9/16" solid mahogany Jambs (optional 6 9/16" Solid Mahogany Jambs add $200)
Rough opening:  75 1/4" wide by 82 1/2" high
Lock Prep included. Left or Right Handing. (outswing door and ADA approved threshold available - Call for price)
Single or Double Bored. 2 1/8" diameter hole, 2 3/4" backset,  5 1/2" spread.
3 Point Locks, Multipoint Locking Hardware Systems available
System is Pre-hung with Solid Mahogany Jambs, 2" Brick-molding, Adjustable Continuous Bronze Threshold,
Your Choice of Commercial Grade Ball-Bearing Hinge Finishes, Q-Lon compression Weather-stripping and Rubber Door Sweep.
Priced un-finished - optional Furniture Grade UV Exterior Grade Stain and UV Finishing available. To Stain Colors
** Pre-Hung ** Our Pre-Hung Door Systems are "NOT" Kits!  Shipped truly and completely pre-hung with hinges mortised to door and pre-installed in the Jamb for the easiest installation possible. This will save you Time and Money. No extra work needed for the carpenter. Ready to install into the doorway.

Mahogany Exterior Door Prehung Details

Solid Mahogany Doors Prehung with Raised Moldings on both sides

ADA Approved Thresholds Available

Available Stainless Steel Multi Point Lock Set - Advanced 3 Point Locking System Mechanism will Lock or Un-lock with just one motion. 

About our Doors
We at nicksbuilding.com specialize in manufacturing "high end" wood interior doors and wood exterior doors and sell them direct to the public,
eliminating the middle-man. Offering the best quality wood doors at the lowest prices. 
Our wood doors are build to any size at our Crown Point, IN facility.
We can make wood doors fit your standard or un-standard door opening and stain/seal them any color.
We are a family owned and operated business that started in 1977, and the first door company to offer them on-line starting in 1999
 from the Mid-west Chicago-land, Crown Point, Indiana location.